Didi No 1 2020: Audition, Registration Form, (Apply Online)

Didi No. 1 is one of the most popular Bengali TV show in West Bengal, India. The show is aired on Zee Bangla. Lets checkout the Didi No. 1 season 9 audition dates, registration form, how to apply online details here.

Didi No 1
Didi No. 1

Didi No 1 Wiki

Didi No. 1 is a Bengali television game show for women launched in 2010. The show is hosted by Rachana Banerjee and airs on Zee Bangla seven days a week. It is the second longest-running Bengali television series by episode count. The show starts at 5 PM from Monday to Saturday and at 8:30 PM on Sunday.

No. of seasons: 8

Presented by: Rachana Banerjee

Production location(s): Kolkata

Running time: 38-44 minutes (original length) 60 minutes (including commercials)

Airing Time: 5 PM (Monday-Saturday), 8:30 PM (Sunday)

Airing Network: Zee Bangla

Playing Round

There is a total of four rounds in Didi No. 1. Participants can get many gifts answering the questions asked by the anchor in every round. Each right answer for the first three rounds is 5 points and in the 4th round is 10points.

Didi No. 1 Audition Registration
Didi No. 1 Audition Dates, Registration Form

At the end of each round, the highest scorer receives a special gift following by others. At the end of each episode, the anchor gives crests and free gifts to the participants for their participation. The winner gets a Didi No. 1 batch tied upon her saree by the anchor and receives unique gifts.

  • Round 1:

The show starts with the participant’s inspiring story and how they managed to fight the situation. Then each participant asked to complete a task within 30 seconds such as holding as much as bottles for 30 seconds, bed sheet folding in the least amount of time, etc.

  • Round 2:



The first season of the Didi No 1 show hosted by Pushpita Mukherjee. She is replaced by Rachana Banerjee in the second season. The third season is hosted by June Malia. The fourth season is hosted by Rachana Banerjee. Debashree Roy hosted the show for the 5th season. From 6th to 8th season(current season) the show is hosted by Rachana Banerjee.

  • Season 1: Anchor: Puspita Mukherjee
  • Season 2: Anchor: Rachana Banerjee
  • Season 3: Anchor: June Malia
  • Season 4: Anchor: Rachana Banerjee
  • Season 5: Anchor: Debashree Roy
  • Season 6: Anchor: Rachana Banerjee
  • Season 7: Anchor: Rachana Banerjee
  • Season 8: Anchor: Rachana Banerjee

Didi No. 1 Audition

Didi No. 1 season 9 audition is not released yet. But the maker of the show taking offline season 8 audition all over West Bengal’s schools & stadiums.

If you are a woman who has an inspiring/struggling story to tell then you are the perfect fit for the show. The maker of the show displays the offline audition venue in your nearest city.

Didi No. 1 Registration

  • Step 1: First Like our Facebook page. so that when the registration portal opens you’ll be notified as soon as possible.
  • Step 2: Goto Message and type DND8<SPACE>Applicant Name<SPACE> Applicant Surname <SPACE> Location and send it to 57575.
  • Step 3: Now your registration is successful. You have to go to offline where the audition is really going like in major cities Kolkata, Siliguri, Barddhaman, Birbhum, Durgapur, etc.


If you watch Didi No. 1 regularly then they feature where the next grand audition is going to happen. Here is the list of the required documents that you should carry when going for the audition.

Documents: Aadhar Card, Passport size colour photo.

Age: 18 years or older

Gender: Female

If you get selected then you will be notified by email and phone number.

We hope that you found Didi No. 1 2020 post helpful. If you’ve any query then you can comment here.

Disclaimer: All the images are from Zee media. We don’t violate any copyright rule and we are just sharing this for informational purposes.

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  1. অর্পিতা কাঁড়ার

    দিদি আমি আপনার প্রগাম দীর্ঘ দিন ধরেই দেখে আসছি। দিদির নং 1 আমার কাছে এক আদর্শ অনুষ্ঠান। আমি দিদির নং 1 এর পাগল ভক্ত। দিদির আমার খুব ইচ্ছে একবার দিদির নং 1 মঞ্চে যাওয়ার। দিদি আমায় একবার সুযোগ দিন।

  2. Hi
    I am Dola Mullick. 32 years old. I’m very interested to join this show. So please give me this opportunity.
    Thanking you.

  3. I can’t understand how to register the name.. I want to register some name from my family.. so kindly help me…

  4. hi didi.. ami bangladesh theke bolchi…amr husband 2013 te brain stroke korechilo tapor theke eka kibhabe 2 sontan niye songsar samlacchi sei kotha bolte chai …amr onek icche ekbar tmk samne theke dekhar tmr show te khelte chai ..plz give me this opportunity

  5. Tulsi Roy Mahapatra

    দিদি আমি আপনার প্রগাম দীর্ঘ দিন ধরেই দেখে আসছি। দিদির নং 1 আমার কাছে এক আদর্শ অনুষ্ঠান। আমি দিদির নং 1 এর পাগল ভক্ত। দিদির আমার খুব ইচ্ছে একবার দিদির নং 1 মঞ্চে যাওয়ার। দিদি আমায় একবার সুযোগ দিন।

  6. Hlw.. This is Asma parvin
    I am from siliguri..
    I am 21 years old & I am a doing B. A
    I really want to participate in Didi no 1 and want to share my story.. Onkei toh chance peyeche tader story bolar jonno so ekbr amio aste chai sei platform e.. So plz just give me one chance…
    Here is my email id -(email id is hidden)

    1. Hello Asma Parvin,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. When filling the comment form do not disclose your email id in the comment section.

      As we’ve already told you, Siliguri auditions will be held soon. Do watch, Didi No 1 and take note if any audition is going on in your city or nearby places.

      Thanks for understanding and like our FB page for further updates.

  7. আমার নাম আলিশা খাতুন, আমি বতর্মানে থাকি কলকাতার বাটা নগরের মহেশতলা অঞ্চলে। আমি বতর্মানে কলেজের ছাত্রী। আমার মা নেই বর্তমান 15 August এ মারা গেছেন।তো মা মারা যাওয়ার পর থেকে আমার জীবন কিভাবে চলছে এই বিষয়ে আমি কিছু বলতে চাই দিদির কাছে। আপনারা সুযোগ দেন আমাকে যাতে আমি আমার জীবন এর কিছু কথা বলতে পারি। didi no 1 game show তে আমাকে যাওয়ার সুযোগ দেন ।

  8. Hi,
    Ami sharmishtha paul.. Form konnagar, hooghly. Ami didi no1 er akjon boro vokto.. Didir priya season dakhechi.. R onk inspire hoyechi.. Amr iccha akber didir samnasamni howar.. Onugroho kore jodi akta sujok dan

  9. Hi didi ami mampi dey bokaro theke bolchi. Amr didi no 1show khub vlo lage. Biyer ager theke amr jaoar khub ichha.ekhno sei ichha ache ekn 6yr biye hoyeche. Meyeo ache akti anr.plz didi ami jete chai…

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