Myra Vishwakarma (Pihu) Wiki Age Parents Family Caste Biography

Myra Vishwakarma or Pihu is a 4-years old child actress. Learn more about Myra or Pihu’s life, wiki age, parents family and caste details here.

Myra Vishwakarma or Pihu
Myra Vishwakarma (Pihu)


Myra Vishwakarma was born on 17th November 2014, in Noida, UP, India. We didn’t found her parents details but she has an younger brother.

Myra Vishwakarma Parents
Myra Vishwakarma Parents

Physical Appearance

Myra is 2ft 3inches tall (assumed) and weighs approx. 16 Kg. She has black eyes with black hair. She is a cute and beautiful girl.

Myra Vishwakarma
Myra Vishwakarma

School & Career

She is studying at Delhi Public School (DPS) in Noida, India.

She rose to fame after appearing in 2018’s Pihu, thriller film. The story of this film is that a small child named Pihu trapped inside her house with lots of thriller scene.

Pihu movie poster
Pihu movie poster

She loves to eat chocolates.

    1. Pihu film has won two awards including Best Feature film in International Competition and Best Film People’s Choice Award at Trans Sahara International Film Festival.
    2. Pihu also got nominated for Oscar along with Village Rockstars.
    3. Pihu’s parents are the real life parents of Myra Vishwakarma’s.
    4. For shooting, they rented a flat and shoot for 2 hours/day and the film was completed in 40-45days.
    5. Vinod Kapri is a good friend of Myra’s parents and he also wined National Awards.

  1. Pihu’s original producer “Kishen Kumar” who died due to cardiac arrest invested Rs. 47 Lacks in this film.

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